Best Frozen Desserts & Catering in Little River

Best Frozen Desserts & Catering in Little River
Welcome to Foster's Freeezze, the premier caterer of delicious frozen desserts in Little River. Here you can find perfectly crafted Italian water ice, frozen boba berry tea, specialty frozen coffee, and chocolate-dipped frozen bananas to keep your guests cool during the summer heat. 

We provide a unique frozen treat catering service for all kinds of events, from private parties to weddings and company functions. Our skilled artisans handcraft each dessert with precision and care, ensuring quality and freshness.

Our signature treat is Italian water ice, a smooth, vibrant-colored dessert with intense flavorings. Each is made with real ingredients, crafted without artificial additives. Our frozen boba berry tea is a fusion of sweet frozen tea and tapioca pearls, with a wide range of tea flavors to choose from and customizable sweetness levels and additional toppings.

Specialty frozen coffee is the perfect mix of indulgence and energy. With coffee-based and flavored options, custom sweetness levels, and add-ons, these treats entice and energize. Chocolate-dipped frozen bananas are a classic, with a smooth and creamy banana center surrounded by chocolate and optional toppings of sprinkles, crushed nuts, or coconut flakes for an extra touch of flavor.

All this can be enjoyed while watching our artisans prepare it right in front of them. Don't let the heat ruin your perfect event; contact Foster's Freeezze today to discuss your catering needs. Reach out 24/7 at (910) 393-8019 and experience the unique and delicious frozen treats that will make your event sizzle and keep guests cool and satisfied.